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brand collaborations

Brand Collaborations

Build relationships with top brands
and get paid for product promotions

voucher and brands ads

Voucher & Brand Ads

Install our gorgeous voucher widgets
to earn commissions on brand sales

Direct Affiliate Links

Direct Affiliate Links

Turn your in-article text links into
affiliate ones to capture revenue

A Network That Nurtures Results

We believe that together we can achieve more which is why Affitise is greater than just a platform; think of us as an extension to your team. Leverage our insights and connections to make your site go further.

We like to build relationships with the publishers in our network so we can colloborate uniquely with you. While you focus on editorial we'll be working to regularly bring you fresh monetisation opportunities.

Affitise Works On All Your Favourite Platforms
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Turning Your Passion Into Profits Has Never Been Easier

Combine our tools and never miss an opportunity

PR Friendly? We'll Bring You Paid Opportunities

If you've got an engaged audience on your blog or social media we can recommend and connect you to top brands who want to work with publishers and reach customers more authentically. Get paid to write and review!

By building a relationship with you we can personally put you forward for brand collaborations where we know there'll be an organic fit between all involved.

Realise Your Full Value With Our Affiliate Tools

Continue to make money long after your paid collaboration and monetise across your entire blog. We've created a range of affiliate tools that ensure you get paid commissions when your viewers visit and buy from top brands online.

From gorgeous ad widgets that display the latest brand vouchers and deals all the way to a direct affiliate link builder.

Maximise Your Earning Potential

Unleash the full value locked within your site and tap into every opportunity that's at your finger tips. By combining all our tools together you can ensure you don't miss capturing the full monetisation potential of your site.

Collaboration payments bring a welcomed cash boost to your core affiliate income for a combination that can enable you to live a lifestyle on your terms.