Your Frequently Asked Questions


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. Our Mission .

To serve and enable publishers to make their part time passion financially rewarding enough to fuel a lifestyle lived on their terms

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. Our Commitment .

To never leave a publisher behind. We will work with you at any stage and help you turn your passion into a financially rewarding endevour.

What is Affitise?

Affitise is a monetisation suite for publishers. Our collection of easy to install tools can be used together to create both short term and long term income. This leaves you to focus on creating fantastic content and let the monetisation come organically.

Is Affitise Free?

Yes! it won't ever cost you a penny. We work on a revenue share model to fully align ourselves with your success. When you do well, we do well and this is what drives us to create world class tools and second to none support.

Who can apply?

Any publisher with a quality site who is producing valuable content and already has or is building an organically engaged audience

I'm only just starting or don't have a large following, can I still apply?

Absolutely, we are here to serve all publishers wanting to monetise. Using our tools early on means you won't miss out on any revenues as you begin to get more traffic and interaction. We also have a lot of advice and guidance on building a great site so we'd love to begin building a relationship with you today.

How Do I Get Paid?

The majority of our monetisation technology is built on top of the affiliate ecosystem. Our robust tracking will monitor all the stats you would expect plus sales attributions. We collate the commissions on your behalf and then pay out what your owed regularly.

Will Your Tools Effect What I Already Have Installed?

No. Affitise widgets do not effect or interact with any other publisher monetisation tool you have installed on your site and will run side by side just fine.

Have A Burning Question We Haven't Answered?

Email us and we'll get right back to you